Lyndsay Wright, William Hill’s Director of Strategy and Sustainability, hosted a panel of leading experts on gambling-related harm to discuss changes in the industry and the biggest opportunities to act now.

Anna Hemmings

“There are lots of ideas on how we can have an integrated approach to this challenge. It’s about the whole customer journey and integrating and normalising responsible gambling messaging to customers right from the beginning.

“What we also need is permission to get it wrong. Some things work…and some things don’t. To be able to evaluate and identify why things don’t work is as important as knowing what does.”

Dan Waugh

“It used to be about problem gambling and now it is about harm. Unfortunately, we have very, very little data on harm. The simple truth is we don’t know a lot about any of these harms.

“We have to recognise there is a shared responsibility for delivering this. It has to be a multi-party approach. And clearly the industry has to play a bigger role.”

Frankie Graham

“An event like this is a great step forward. We are here to learn from each other, to get ideas and hopefully to move forward with good strategies in place. It’s important that the gambling industry does not act in isolation. The work that you do, the interactions that you have with individuals do ripple back into the community.”

L to R: Lyndsay Wright with Anna Hemmings, Frankie Graham and Dan Waugh.