Four spotlight speakers from outside the industry introduced new ideas from their work to inspire new thinking on the challenge of gambling-related harm.

Each spotlight speaker had five minutes to describe an idea or innovation from their area of expertise that could help shape some new thinking on this issue of gambling-related harm.

Sophie Linington, Parentzone

“Digital resilience involves having the ability to understand when you are at risk online. Knowing what to do if anything goes wrong.  Learning from your experiences of being online. And being able to recover from any harm or difficulties. It may well provide some kind of food for thought for the gambling industry. This digital resilience framework has a real resonance with gambling.”

Katie Fry, Citizen’s Advice

“We are dealing with some of the most vulnerable people in society. We know that people who live in social deprivation are disproportionately more vulnerable to a variety of harms, including those from gambling. That’s why we are going to be imbedding screening for gambling-related harm into our general advice work.”

Dr Filipo Passetti, Consultant Psychiatrist

“The beginning of gambling problems is more insidious than with alcohol addiction because unless there is comorbidity, like anxiety or depression, people can mask their gambling problems for much longer.”

Alastair Sheriffs, Google

“The key to using machine learning intelligently is to automate and free up human time. To free up human time to think about more important tasks - to understand the users better, to understand the causes of harm and to think about the behavioural science behind triggers.”

L to R: Katie Fry, Sophie Linington, Dr Filipo Passetti and Alastair Sheriffs.