Harm from gambling is a system-wide challenge, linked to a range of social and cultural factors.

It is an issue so complex that there is no one single solution and no one organisation can achieve the ambition.

Through the survey and expert panels, a clear picture started to emerge about the need for greater collaboration, right across the system.

The role of different actors in society

Thinking about gambling-related harm as a whole, we asked our experts to consider five key factors – and to rate how much responsibility each has in tackling the challenge, compared to how effective each is in currently contributing.

In a survey before the event, respondents agreed that all stakeholders have some level of responsibility to tackle gambling-related harm.

Gambling companies are viewed as being the most critical to tackling harm...but also having the biggest gap in terms of how effective they are today.

Perceived responsibility.
How critical are these in tackling gambling-related harm?
10 = Extremely important
0=Not at all important

Perceived contribution.
How effective are they in tackling gambling-related harm today?
10 = Extremely effective
0 = Not at all effective

How critical are each of the following in tackling gambling-related harm? VERSUS How effective they are in tackling gambling-related harm today

Base: 65 problem gambling and related experts

Foreword by our CEO

Nhcollab Philip

"We’re committed to listening and learning from a wide range of experts and innovators so that we can join up with others who have a piece of the jigsaw and move faster, together."

Keynote presentations

Collaboration Towards Solutions

Becky Rowe and Pantelis Solomon discussed opportunities to influence behaviours towards safer gambling.