Our efforts will focus on four crucial areas through which we can tackle problem gambling and protect those who are at risk of harm from gambling.

We focus on four crucial areas; all gamblers, people at risk, those experiencing harm and colleagues

1. All gamblers

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Support all customers to stay in control through how we design and market our products.

Anyone can become at risk of problems with their gambling. So we want to ensure all our customers stay informed and in control so they can have a positive experience of gambling. The biggest impact we can make is through the products we offer, how we advertise them and the customer experience we provide.

What we’re learning about helping customer stay in control

2. People at risk

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Create new ways to identify people at risk and intervene effectively – through new technology and the expertise of our frontline colleagues.

To prevent harm from gambling, we need to look beyond problem gambling to customers who are at risk – and support them before gambling becomes a problem. By getting closer to our customers and using data differently, we will be able to better spot markers of risk and intervene quickly and effectively.

What we’re learning about identifying and supporting people at risk

3. Gamblers experiencing harm

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Strengthen the system of support for those who do experience harm.

Problem gambling is a complex issue that often relates to other challenges in people’s lives, from work and relationships to health and addiction. That’s why it requires a system-wide response. We will work with expert partners to play our part in strengthening the connections that are needed to support people experiencing harm from gambling.

What we are learning about how we strengthen systems of support

4. Our colleagues

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Empowering all our colleagues with the understanding and skills to make a difference

Our colleagues come to work so that people can enjoy gambling and many spend time with customers up and down the country. We’re determined to harness our physical and virtual footprint and frontline interactions with customers by ensuring that each of us is empowered to do what it takes to make an impact.

What we are learning about ways to empower colleagues