What’s clear is that harm from gambling is a system-wide challenge, linked to a range of social and cultural factors. It is an issue so complex that there is no one single solution and no one organisation can achieve the ambition that nobody is harmed by gambling.

It will take concerted effort over the long term from a wide range of companies, governments and civil society organisations – all facing in the same direction – to make a lasting impact.

Today, many people are devoting effort and imagination to tackling the issue of problem gambling. With our scale and reach, at William Hill we have the ability to make a real contribution. And we’re committed to listening and learning from experts and partners so that we can join up with others who have a piece of the jigsaw, and move faster, together.


As we push ahead with our own actions, we’ll be transparent about our successes and our failures – learning out loud and sharing what works so that others can benefit.


The first step was a special event in Autumn 2018, which brought together gambling companies, policymakers, and responsible gambling advocates. We published a short report after the event about what we learn and what it leads us to do differently.


Once we know what works, we’ll then scale it up across the business.

Test and learn

We’re creating a Responsible Gambling Innovation Fund to pilot the best new ideas. It will be supported by a team drawn from across the business to drive our efforts and a fund of £150,000.