William Hill is Carbon Neutral

As part of our Environmental Policy focusing on revised five-year targets to reduce William Hill's Carbon Footprint, we have been reducing our waste and energy consumption as well as improving our Carbon Footprint in transportation. We are pleased to announce that William Hill has now become a Carbon Neutral Organisation. 

What does this mean?

As a Carbon Neutral Organisation, we have reduced our emissions enough to balance out the carbon we produce. Our emissions have been significantly reduced and the small amount remaining have been offset by investing in accredited wind and solar initiatives.

How have we achieved this?

Procurement have led a Sustainability Committee working closely with the Retail organisation setting a strategy to measure and identify our energy usage focusing on implementing energy efficiency initiatives.

We have also sourced 100% renewable electricity across all of our UK sites. This means that all the electricity used to power our shops and UK offices comes entirely from solar, wind and hydro sources. By 2023 this switch alone will have saved almost 61,500 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

We also switched to low-energy LED lighting throughout our Retail estate, and in 2020 we started to roll out Smart Meters in our shops. This let us monitor our energy consumption and highlight any issues to allow us to lower our usage. Our Energy Focus week in Retail makes sure that we are promoting good energy control and best practice of all our energy saving initiatives.