Our purpose is to safely connect customers with friends and sports through a market-leading betting and gaming experience

We know that to create a sustainable society, we need to work together. Like any great sports team, we also know that to do so successfully, we need to value, listen to, and take care of each other. Remember the Jamaican bobsleigh team at the 1988 Olympics? That’s the kind of team-spirit we aspire to.

Our approach to sustainability goes beyond corporate philanthropy. It centres around four objectives in areas in which we think we can deliver the most impact:

  • protecting customers and driving safer gambling improvements
  • building a strong culture of empowerment and improvement to engage colleagues
  • making a positive contribution to the community
  • operating with integrity

Together, we’re on a journey to build not only a better business but a better society for everyone.

Key figures:


Customer protection and safer gambling

Safer Gambling (1)

Our customers’ safety is at the heart of everything we do. From helping customers to stay in control, to identifying people at risk and proactive intervention when necessary – our talented colleagues are doing everything they can to help our customers across the globe to gamble in a positive and responsible way.

Empowering and engaging colleagues


Our people are our business. Without them, that sweet, team-spirited success we aspire to would only be a distant dream.

We celebrate our colleagues’ differences, harness their ideas and creativity, and listen to and act on their feedback because what they think matters.

We recently refreshed our People Strategy with our colleagues’ input and introduced three key initiatives that now drives our culture: Balance, Belong and Build.

Positive contributions to society


Our engagement goes beyond sports betting and gambling because, just like pentathlon winner Joe Choong, we’re good at more than one thing. We continually work to make positive contributions to society and reduce our carbon footprint. Since 2011, William Hill has contributed to many charitable partnerships and been there to provide support to those who need it the most.



We know that strong governance, transparency, and integrity make the foundations of a responsible and sustainable business. Operating with integrity is built into our culture, enabling us to maintain a standard of player protection from which all other sustainability activities can grow.