We want our customers to enjoy their gambling experience with us, and we’re here to help anyone get the support they need

Player safety is at the heart of everything we do, and it is this player safety philosophy that governs every decision we take.

Gambling is, and should always be, fun, and we will do everything necessary to keep it that way.

We will always put player safety first, before commercial concerns. We would prefer to close a customer's account and offer specialist support to help them deal with any potential problem, rather than allow an at-risk player to continue to play.

We believe that prevention is better than cure, so we employ a series of guardrails that are 'always on' to protect players. We also provide a number of tools that a player can use to ensure they remain in control.

We recognise that it is always our responsibility to keep players safe and that sometimes a customer may lose the ability to maintain control for themselves, so we have invested in a sophisticated data science capability that looks for any signs that gambling may be becoming something other than fun.

We look for even the most subtle changes in behaviour to identify a growing risk profile and look at a broad range of indicators of potential vulnerability. We also look at financial indicators to ascertain if a player is gambling at unaffordable levels. This approach is underpinned by a growing body of independent academic research, and we are always looking to improve our approach by incorporating newly released research.

If we detect signs of risk, we have a range of interactions that we employ, from asking players to set limits, to supressing marketing and bonuses, to arranging conversations with our specialist support teams, to closing customer accounts.

Our whole approach is constantly evaluated for effectiveness. How good it is at identifying player risk, using best practice evaluation guidelines, and is iterated as a result, to ensure it is always improving, to keep players safe.

We support charities that provide education and awareness of gambling related harm to a wide range of communities. We help researchers seeking to advance the general understanding of gambling related harms. We support and lead cross industry initiatives to make players safe wherever they choose to gamble.

Marketing is a part of what we do - we are proud of our products and the fun experiences we offer our customers, but we take great care to ensure that we don't send marketing materials to people who are showing signs or risk of harm. We ensure we don't offer them bonuses or other incentives. We also take great care to minimise the amount of our marketing seen by children and we further protect them by ensuring our marketing can't be considered to appeal strongly to children. Part of this commitment includes not sponsoring football shirts.

We have seen how positively safer gambling messages can affect our customers betting behaviour. We are proud to use brand ambassadors to promote such messages and to ensure that 20% of our TV coverage and organic content is dedicated to encouraging safer behaviour using tools such as deposit limits and timeouts.

Player safety is at the heart of everything we do.

Safer Gambling with William Hill - Protecting customers