As one of the UK’s major gambling companies, we are committed to funding research, education and treatment (RET) to address problem gambling and ways to help prevent it.

In 2019, we were one of five leading gambling companies to commit to a large-scale and long-term increase in RET funding to support a safer gambling environment.

In 2019, we invested 0.1% of our UK gross gaming yield (GGY, aka net revenue) in RET, as part of its overall investment in safer gambling, which is around £5m p.a. This included funding for GambleAware, which commissions treatment and support services, including the National Gambling Helpline.

By 2023, we will have increased this funding ten-fold, to 1% of our UK GGY. This means our contribution will go from c£1m to c£10m, and that the contribution from these five companies together will reach c£23m p.a.

Within this, our priority is to increase provision of counselling and other support services for problem gamblers, with our key goal being to quadruple the numbers of people accessing treatment from 2.5% to 10%.